The Grapevine is a high quality and respected magazine, this helps enormously for advertising my business

Handybloke.com Feb 10, 2014

Coming from a family steeped in print and having been in newspapers, magazines, free sheets and photo reproduction all my life I am very pleased to have been associated with "Grapevine" from the early days and have seen how it has developed over the past three years. The Editor, Christine Gough, has brought her own style and understanding in what is required in a free sheet magazine. Adverts of course, but there should always be more -- and Christine has achieved that. Her thoughts and involvement with the local community have always been at the forefront of "Grapevine".

The pages of "Your Community", very often captured in pictures, relate to events that are of great interest to local people and local involvement. Those who know Christine know of her hard work and sincerity that have made "Grapevine" the success it is today. Without doubt "Grapevine" is a quality production in every sense.

Brian Pettitt Photography Feb 10, 2014

The Grapevine Magazine is both reliable and professional. We are very happy with the response we receive to our adverts each and every month.

Jan Sunshine Dental Practice, Long Eaton Feb 10, 2014

Grapevine is a wonderful resource through which we promote our non-profit making website Picture the Past. Over the years we have had many visitors viewing our historic pictures as a direct result of reading about us in the magazine.

The quality of the printing truly does justice to our collection of images and we thank Grapevine for their on-going support.

Picture the Past Feb 10, 2014

We advertise in the Grapevine regularly and have been very pleased with the standard and the quality of our ad's that Christine has produced for us. She is always easy to contact and nothing is ever to much trouble. Christine did our adverts at a very reasonable price and has since returned to the practice to hand deliver us a Grapevine each month and to stop in for a chat to see how we are getting on (its the personal touches that matter).

We have been very happy to recommend Christine to other companies looking for advertising. I personally recieve a booklet through the door and enjoy not only looking at the cooking pages but also enjoy a little giggle jokes.

Kim Hillside Tooth Doctor, Stapleford Feb 10, 2014

Grapevine is an excellent publication and a great community magazine, making people aware of all kinds of local events, projects and available local services that they might otherwise not know about.
It provides invaluable information for people unable to get out into the community. We like the format and features such as 'Picture the Past' (more of this please!).

Life would be less bright if Grapevine didn't pop through our door every month.

Janice Abel Homes Feb 10, 2014

Grapevine is a great way of finding out what is going on in the local area. It is also worth a look to see what special shops there are lurking in the environs, perhaps preventing the need for that long trek to the city.

Stapleford Town Council is delighted with the growth of the magazine's distribution area and is pleased that more people, not just those resident in Stapleford are now able to see and read what a vibrant place Stapleford is.

The Leader of the Town Council, Councillor Mrs Jacky Williams, will be submitting a regular column of news and views to the magazine and so a big thank you to the editor and her staff for assisting the Town Council to disseminate news and views to a wider population.
It is always a delight to find the next edition of Grapevine waiting at the Town Council Offices, its sumptuous cover inviting you to open up and peek inside for news, views and entertainment.
It is wonderful that this is a free service to the community and that local voluntary organisations are able to inform people of their events.

Stapleford Town Council Feb 10, 2014

The Grapevine is a booklet I keep from month to month because there is always something in it you may need, from local to tradesman to local information. We advertise in it and we have great value for money. We are a new business and we have worked with Christine to get the best results.
I would recommend if you need any advertising doing, contact Christine. No hard sale but honest helpful advice.

Yvonne Hillside Tooth Doctor, Stapleford Feb 10, 2014