Stapleford Town Council

    Stapleford Town Council
    Feb 10, 2014

    Grapevine is a great way of finding out what is going on in the local area. It is also worth a look to see what special shops there are lurking in the environs, perhaps preventing the need for that long trek to the city.

    Stapleford Town Council is delighted with the growth of the magazine’s distribution area and is pleased that more people, not just those resident in Stapleford are now able to see and read what a vibrant place Stapleford is.

    The Leader of the Town Council, Councillor Mrs Jacky Williams, will be submitting a regular column of news and views to the magazine and so a big thank you to the editor and her staff for assisting the Town Council to disseminate news and views to a wider population.
    It is always a delight to find the next edition of Grapevine waiting at the Town Council Offices, its sumptuous cover inviting you to open up and peek inside for news, views and entertainment.
    It is wonderful that this is a free service to the community and that local voluntary organisations are able to inform people of their events.