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The finest freestone trout stream in Montana, the Big Hole River, begins near Jackson and flows 150 miles to its confluence with the Beaverhead forming the Jefferson River. Find out where the action is, what the water conditions are and everything you need for a successful day on the water! The largest trout are generally caught between Wise River and Melrose. The river travels through ranch land and access is limited to bridge crossings. The river plunges into a stretch of canyon country after the confluence of the Wise River. Catch and release all grayling and cutthroats. Floating the Big Hole River. Many local guide’s favorite flies are dries. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Big Hole River in Montana! Big Hole River December 2, 2020. Access and River Mileage: Numerous official fishing access sites dot the banks of the Big Hole River. The river remains very wade-able in the stretch of river between the Mudd Creek Fishing Access through the Sportsman’s Park Access. Fishing in the mountain lakes. The Jacks Fork is the most well-known and largest floatable tributary of the Current River, nearly doubling the river in size. From its humble beginnings in the Beaverhead Mountains to its confluence with the Beaverhead River in Twin Bridges, the Big Hole River is 160 miles of free-flowing beauty and fly fishing adrenaline. The Big Hole River in Montana, one of the best fly fishing rivers in Southwest Montana. The River is Calling when you stay at the Big Hole River Retreat. The Big Hole River flows 188 miles from its source to its confluence with the Beaverhead River. From here, drift downstream just a short distance before seeing the northern hay fields of the Silver Bow Club. Fish the river upstream or down from bridge crossing while staying below the high water mark. Rent one of our canoes, rafts, kayaks, tubes or Jon boats to float down the Big Piney and Gasconade River. A word of caution: If you fish this area, or anywhere in the Big Hole Valley, during the months of June and July, you should be aware that there will be huge numbers of mosquitoes. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. play today Downstream from the ranch the craggy cliffs of Maiden Rock Canyon rise from the valley floor. Dry fly fishing in this section of the Big Hole River really heats up in summer. Often referred to as the ‘Last Best River‘, begins at Skinner Lake, high in the Beaverhead Mountains of Southwest Montana. The Current River is known to be the most springfed river in the state, with hundreds of freshwater springs and caves, making this river floatable all year round. At the confluence of the Wise River, a cold mountain stream, is the small town of Wise River, Montana. Big Hole River First adopted in 1999 to address public concerns about crowding, the Beaverhead and Big Hole River Recreation Rules were re-evaluated in 2005, 2010 and 2015. The Big Hole River comes to life in the Beaverhead Mountains south of Jackson, Montana, as the outlet of Skinner Lake, elevation 7,340. Ford, reached from north side. There are numerous floating restrictions in effect for the Big Hole, check with a local outfitter before floating. A class 1 river, the upper Big River is perfect for kids and beginners, and those who just want to kick back and relax while floating down the river. The river is bordered by the Pintlar and Beaverhead Mountains in the west, and the smaller West Pioneer Mountains in the east. Floating the river is a great way to access the riffles, runs, pockets, and glides. The Big Hole River has three distinct sections, including the Upper Big Hole River, Big Hole River Canyon, and the lower Big Hole River. After leaving the mountains, the river flows due north through the massive Big Hole Valley, picking up velocity and volume from the numerous feeder creeks that spill f… Our fishing packages are built to take place on the river of your choice or a combination of rivers. The Big Hole River is the last river arctic grayling live in. The Big Hole River is a free-flowing, undammed river that flows for 153 miles before joining the Beaverhead and Ruby to form the Jefferson River in Twin Bridges, Montana. Not so on the Big Hole. That is one of the many things that makes the Big Hole River so special. In Dewey, access the river in numerous places as the river hugs the road in many places. The Big Hole River is born in Skinner Lake high in the mountains of southwestern Montana. Packages. The Jefferson River is a large river which receives the flows of the Beaverhead, Big Hole and Ruby River. With more than 3000 fish per mile, the river is an angler’s dream. The lower 39 river miles flows through the towns of Melrose, Glen, and Twin Bridges. The time listed after the access point is an average canoe paddling time between the access point and the next in the sequence. In spring, fishing from a drift boat or raft is preferred. May and September are considered the best months on the Big Hole. The river is tree-lined as it passes through the ranch. Following the Jefferson River Canoe Trail A Narrative of a Six Day Trip Down the River By Thomas J. Elpel. The Big Hole River is one of the prettiest rivers in Montana. Before floating, check for special regulations regarding nonresident and outfitter floating. Both of these hatches have the potential to become blizzard hatches. May has two of the best and most prolific hatches on the Big Hole, Mother’s Day Caddis and an explosive Baetis hatch. Brook trout are still found within the river system but as you go further downstream, rainbow and browns join the mix. Our most popular fun filled float trips include 3, 5, and 8 mile routes for a full or partial day of relaxing entertainment. While this hatch is sometimes hard to catch, it is well worth your while. Downstream, is the Maiden Rock Fishing Access. Target covered or shady areas in search of brown trout. They are a treasure that should be treated with respect. Big River – Mile-By-Mile Description. Nymphing and Streamer fishing have been solid and we have had good reports on both small and large streamers. Hard to predict, the blitz of caddis appear during run-off in May. Get the latest up to date fly fishing report for Trout fishing in Big Hole River with the top producing flies and recommended equipment to get you into fish. The Big Hole River in Montana, one of the best fly fishing rivers in Southwest Montana. Local swimming hole with good gravel bar. The Big Hole River • As most Montana rivers, it has many personalities throughout its course; the source of the main stem Big Hole River is Skinner Lake in the Beaverhead National Forest in the Beaverhead Mountains of the Bitterroot Range at the Continental Divide along the Montana-Idaho border in western Beaverhead County. All the fish in the Big Hole love dry flies. Perhaps the most famous Big Hole River hatch is the Mother’s Day Caddis. Join us for Epic "dry" fly action ... awesome scenery and weather, a visit from the warden, "2 fish on" and "doubles", as we "slap some gills" during a salmonfly hatch on the beautiful Big Hole River! By mid-August, the water is low enough and warm enough to effectively shut down fishing until September. Proudly Working with Montana Outfitters Look for bighorn sheep along the cliffs as you float through. Mid-April sees the arrival of Baetis and March Browns. Beginning at Skinner Lake, which is tucked away in the Beaverhead Mountains near the Idaho border, the Big Hole River flows for 155 miles in Montana before emptying into the Jefferson River at Twin Bridges. Throughout the 155.6 miles it flows, the Big Hole takes on many faces. Both streams are permitted and only a small fraction of Montana’s fishing outfitters are licensed to guide here. The Big Hole River has all the access you need to spend a day to a week fishing the river on your next fly fishing vacation to southwest Montana. The upper river is mostly privately owned, but access is made possible thanks to numerous bridge crossings. Fall is when the big browns come out in Montana, so be ready for a big one. Numerous official fishing access sites dot the banks of the Big Hole River. 6.9 Three Hill Creek on left. On the Big Hole, the fishing is best when the weather is cloudy and dark. June sees a legendary Salmonfly hatch. Enjoy a Guided Fly Fishing Float Trip on the Big Hole River in Southwest Montana. The river flows 188 miles until it joins the Beaverhead River to form the Jefferson River. 9.1 Coles Landing. #4 Big Creek #5 Saddlers Creek #6 Priest River Park/Mudd Hole Caution! The foothills of the Pioneer Mountains, the rugged beauty of the Maiden Rock Canyon is not to be missed. For an additional fee, enjoy any of the ranch activitie s or join us for dinner in the Grand Lodge. Shop Staff Notes: This is THE trustworthy map for floating or accessing the famous Big Hole River. The access at the Divide Bridge offers picnicking and shade. Lush hay meadows and cottonwood valleys framed by the Pintlar Mountains with a wide river winding through. In summer is the river is very wade-able. In the early season before the hatches begin, stripping streamers off the banks yields hungry brookies, browns, and rainbows. For over half its length, the Big Hole flows through spectacular country. As one of the most prolific free stone rivers in Montana, the Big Hole’s fish grow big … Casting a hopper at the bank beginning in July can keep an angler busy! There are numerous floating restrictions in effect for the Big Hole, check with a local outfitter before floating. The Salmonfly hatch occurs in June followed by the Golden Stones. In summer is the river is very wade-able. This free flowing, Blue Ribbon Trout Stream is home to fluvial Arctic Grayling, Cutthroats, Brook Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. The access points to the river are listed and shown on the map in sequence. Caddis hatch late April through May. The Big Hole features some blizzard type hatches; particularly early season Baetis and Mother’s Day Caddis. Perhaps the best river to fly fish in Montana, the Big Hole River is home to big brown trout in the lower sections. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Otherwise, caddis hatch can be expected from April through July. Home to the last naturally occurring fluvial Arctic Grayling in the lower 48 states, the river irrigates meadow for ranchers and provides amazing angling opportunities. When the weather cools in September, try dragging a Bugger-type fly through a deep pool. Licenses #9491 - Brad Platt, #8360 - Jonathan Anderson, #17520 - Craig Jones, and #11675 - Ryan Barba, The Silver Bow Club 4000 Maiden Rock Road Divide, Montana 59727, Proudly Working with Montana Outfitters Licenses. There are numerous boat launches in this stretch. Also makes for a nice souvenir of your Big Hole River trip whether you were on a Guided Trips or were fishing on your own. Moose are often seen in the upper river to and downstream to the North Fork. Try an attractor like a Wulff to catch fish hand over fist. Trout in the Big Hole average 12-14 inches, but larger trout are caught on a regular basis. Best described by the late George Grant as “a big, little river”, the Big Hole is revered by all … The Silver Bow Club boasts 3.5 miles of riverfront on the Big Hole River in the Canyon Stretch. In spring, fishing from a drift boat or raft is preferred. The Big Hole River comes to life in the Beaverhead Mountains south of Jackson, Montana, as the outlet of Skinner Lake, elevation 7,340. This area is what people think of when they hear the word “Montana”. Big Hole River Fishing the Big Hole River. Shuttle time between Erbie and Ozark is approximately 30 minutes. Surrounded by peaks that reach above 10,000 feet, the river flows from Skinner Lake at an elevation of 7,340. Grayling in the section can be on the larger size, up to 15 inches. For those who prefer to float, the Big Hole River offers numerous boat launches. Be sure to call us for the latest river conditions and come by for a visit to pick up the flies that will hook you that big brown you have been dreaming of. All day trip with lunch included for 2 people – $450 per day . A stable river flow is much more conducive to fishing than one that is rising a falling. Over 150 miles of free flowing trout water – you get the picture and yes, this is one river you must fish. Floating isn't a good option unless your ok with having to hit a number of rocks at a low winter flow. The infant river and its tributaries are home to brook trout, arctic grayling, and the occasional cutthroat. Help came in 1988 when Big Hole River Foundation was founded by noted Montana conservationist, angler, and fly tier George F. Grant. And the close by forest access into the Pioneer mountains means you … Pale Morning Duns, Trico, Grasshoppers, and Baetis are all important hatches. On most Montana rivers, nymphs are the kings of the river. s, "waters of the pocket gopher") is a tributary of the Jefferson River, approximately 153 miles (246 km) long, in Beaverhead County, in southwestern Montana, United States.It is the last habitat in the contiguous United States for native fluvial Arctic grayling and is a historically popular destination for fly fishing, especially for trout Fly Fishing Guide to Big Hole River: As mentioned above, fly fishing the Big Hole River is largely dependant on where you fish the river, water levels and seasons. Wild and free, the Big Hole River rises near the small town of Jackson, Montana and flows more than 150 miles to join the Ruby and the Beaverhead River to form the Jefferson River in Twin Bridges, Montana. Pull the boat over for a leisurely streamside lunch. These fish are beautiful, and will greedily gobble a dry fly. When compared to many of Montana’s Blue Ribbon fisheries, you won’t see the same level of crowding on either the Big Hole or Beaverhead Rivers. The Snake River is internationally known as one of the best and most consistent white water adventures in North America. With cozy cabins and an event center that overlooks the lower Big Hole river we provide a unique location for you or your group event. The Big Hole River begins high in the Beaverhead Mountains. 0.0 Put-in at mouth of Turkey Creek on county road running north from Bonne Terre, parallel to Missouri Illinois R.R. Rainbow and browns are the predominant catch in this faster-moving stretch. Here the river is wider and deeper. Look for the best Baetis action on days that are dark and rainy. From our location, it is easy to sample some of the best Montana fishing. The upper river is mostly privately owned, but access … Great to have one for pre-trip planning. The FWP Commission adopted minor changes to the rules in 2010 and 2015 based on public input. The Jefferson River Canoe Trail retraces by water an essential segment of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail from the three forks of the Missouri at Headwaters State Park up the Jefferson River to its origin at the forks of the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers near Twin Bridges. 1.8 Hwy. Our golf cart path winds along a portion of the river for easy access to several of our favorite pools. Whenever you decide to fish the Big Hole, it will be an experience to remember. July through mid-August offer the Big Hole’s summer fishing. The Beaverhead River begins at Clark Canyon Dam, near Dillon, and flows for 80 miles to the confluence with the Jefferson River. Perhaps the most written about and regaled section of the Big Hole River is the Canyon Stretch. Just upstream from the Silver Bow Club is the Divide Bridge access. Our guests are encouraged to access the river by crossing the hay meadows and access the numerous pools, riffles, and runs. Floating. Briar Bluff towers over a deep, crystal-clear swimming hole, and Ozark Campground is just uphill from the sandy beach on river right. Rainbows, cutthroats, brook trout, whitefish, browns and arctic grayling inhabit the Big Hole. Hatches begin coming off in March or early April with midges taking center stage. tracks. While tree-lined, the river flows through open land on its journey to form the Jefferson. Throughout the 155.6 miles it flows, the Big Hole takes on many faces. The Big Hole River offers the angler a wide array of fish. Fishing stays good until October. The Big Hole historically suffered from irrigation demands and livestock damage. Of the 155 miles of the Big Hole River, the 25-mile stretch that parallels Montana Highway 43 is the most accessible, with … Cliffs and craggy rock formations curve the river and often form deep pools. Only during spring run-off is the river too high to wade comfortably. The scenic Big Hole River winds and rushes in every imaginable configuration through high alpine valleys, steep-walled canyons, and broad agricultural plains. Enjoy private access to 3½ miles of the Big Hole River, explore our 1800 acres of meadows and slopes, and relax by the campfire at your cabin. Kayaker floating near Briar Bluff at Ozark. Watch for rattlesnakes on the lower river, especially near Notch Bottom. Here you’ll find an easy boat launch and picnic area. Banks are often lined with low willows. Float the beautiful canyon for some of the best fly fishing the Big Hole River has to offer. The fishing has decent fishing for brown trout, particularly during the fall. When you think of Montana fly fishing, the Big Hole River stands out as one of the best rivers in the state. All boaters are limited to two launches per day. In Divide, the river flattens and slows slightly. A great place to grab some snacks or a cold beer, floating through Wise River is a great bet. Turn west (towards the Big Hole Mountains) on 4000 North/Packsaddle Road You will cross the Teton River and the boat ramp is on the left With a character similar to that of the previous section this can be a nice alternative to the more popular floats on a busy summer weekend. The upper Big Hole looks more like a small creek than a river, but it gains water and size after the confluence of the Wise River. With more than 3000 fish per mile, the river is an angler’s dream. The general season runs from the third Saturday in May through November 30. E Bridge. The Big River is a relatively safe, slow-moving Ozark stream, with scenic bluffs and many gravel bars for picnics, swimming and artifact hunting. The river also makes a … Big Hole or Madison river with lunch– $450 per day. Located approximately 50 river miles from the confluence of the Jefferson, the Silver Bow Club sits on the best stretch of river in terms of fish size and population. Access difficult due to steep slope. These times are shown to allow you to develop your own river trips.

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