Online Advertising

Gain hits on your own website, advertise with us and see results!

As well as publication advertising, we also offer advertising on our website. You can link to your products, facebook pages, websites or any other content – even display video and or music content.

If you have don’t have any experience with internet advertising, we can take care of it and even design you your own advert! If you do, the sizes are below with the formats and content types we offer.

Sizes offered are

  • IAB Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 px)
  • IAB Full Banner (468 x 60 px)
  • IAB Leaderboard (728 x 90 px)
  • IAB 3:1 Rectangle (300 x 100 px)
  • IAB Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 px)
  • Background takeover (call)


  • HTML5
  • Flash
  • PNG/JPEG etc..
  • Youtube/Vimeo Video rollover
  • Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc..

All customers that buy three months of advertising in our publication can have a free link on our business directory.

Our ad-server enables target audience ad serving, time frame limitations and full monthly statistics on request. Our web traffic statistics are also available on request, along with average ad-impression data.