Terms and Conditions


Beech Publications accept advertisements in JPEG/PNG or high resolution press ready PDF format. All files should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi.

Please note: Beech Publications take no responsibility for the print quality of any advertisement supplied in a lower resolution.


  1. All adverts that are accepted by Beech Publications is on the understanding that they are copyright free and have been given permission to be printed. This includes, logos, photographs, images and text.
  2. Beech Publications reserves the right to not publish any material that seems offensive, or defamatory, or which promotes any products that may be considered illegal.
  3. The copyright of any advertisement designed or photographs taken by Beech Publications remain the property of Beech Publications and cannot be used in any other publication or websites without prior written authorisation. A release fee may be charged. If the Client has paid for a specific design and agreed artwork charge, the Client can then have the artwork released to them at no additional charge. The artwork charge is dependant on the work involved, and will be agreed on before work commences.
  4. Payment must be made at the time of booking and /or on approval of the proof of advertisement. Clients booking a long term package of 6 months or more can pay on a monthly arrangement, but must pay on an agreed said date. Beech Publications reserves the right to omit any advert from any Client who has not paid on the due date. In the event of advertisement not being printed for any reason and the said advert has been paid for, Beech Publications agree to either refund any money that has been paid for that particular advert, or will credit the Client accordingly.
  5. Beech Publications takes no responsibility for accuracy for any statements made by contributors, or advertisers from the loss arising from non publications of advertisement.
  6.  If you book any advertisement or editorial, (including Community Content) verbally, by post or by email in any of our publications, you agree to the above Format, Terms & Conditions.
  7. Beech Publications is an independent organisation and is not connected to any other organisation or publications. All content including images in Beech Publications including website may not be reproduced, without the express written permission of the publisher.


Disclaimer: BEECH PUBLICATIONS is an independent organisation and is not connected to any other organisation, publications or groups. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material published in this magazine, Beech Publications takes no responsibility for accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers, for loss arising from non publication of any advertisement. Beech Publications officially does not endorse any advertising material published in this publication.

Copyright: This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of the Publisher. All artwork is accepted on the strict condition that permission has been given for use in this publication.